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Decking Choices

          1.  Price:           Least expensive option.
          2.  Coverage:     Best bang for your buck.  More square footage than other options. 
          3.  Design:        Most Flexible with regards to material cost restraints.
          4.  Installation:   Easiest product on the market.  
          1.  Maintenance:  Annual maintenance.
          2.  Wear life:        5 to 20 years.  
          3.  Aesthetics:     Begin to lose appearance after first year.
    Cedar vs. Treated Pine
          1.  Cedar deck products cost more than treated pine.
          2.  Cedar decks have a golden look when stained.  Treated decks do not need to be stained.
          3.  Cedar decks do not split as much as treated decks.
          4.  Treated pine mills have come along way in developing great decking boards.
                Biewer Lumber Select Cut for example.
          5.  Treated decking will last longer than cedar.
          6.  Cedar decks cost more for annual maintenance due to the staining and sealing.
          7.  Cedar decks have a higher appraisal real estate value than that of treated decking.

Composite’s with wood fibers    (1st Generation Decking Products)
         1.  Price:          Least expensive option in low maintenance decking.
         2.  Color:          Color does not need to be reapplied.
         3.  Design:        Very flexible.
         4.  Installation:  Mid level difficulty.
         5.  Wear:          Deck boards do not rot, split or crack.
         1.  Price:         Much more costly than wood for the original purchase.
         2.  Color:         Color can fade after years.
         3. Aesthetics:  The plastic core will last forever, but the wood fibers can attract a black mold. 
                               Soft plastics can easily scratch from dragging chairs, BBQ, and kid’s toys.
         4. Warp:         Fascias, railing, and decking can warp if not installed properly.  Oil canning.

PVC and Capped Composite Decks    (2nd Generation Decking Products)
        1.  Color:         Best in it’s class for color, graining, hidden fasteners.
        2.  Design:      Flexible.  More flexible with curved rails.
        3.  Durability:   Whole PVC or Capped PVC deck products are the ultra in deck performance. Trex has a 25 year fade stain warranty.  Scratch resistant.  Fade and Mold resistant.
        4.  Installation:  Most demanding.

Our Michigan Deck company offers more services than capped composite decking and custom wood decks. We also have experience on Raised Brick Porches, Screened Sunrooms, complete Basement Refinishing, PVC Decks, and Trex Decking. We offer services to both Residential and Commercial customers.

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